Lean Manufacturing in Dalia Factory for Plastic Bags

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Faqeeh, Waleed
Herzallah, Abdul Rahmman
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In our time the rapid development of business requires high performance and efficiency to be in the competition area. It is important to be smart in business, which require a special study of factors that affect success and competition. The main problem for businesses is not to exploit available competencies properly, because competitors need to Maintain their level of business or even improve it, it is important to maintain the quality of production unit at work. We visited the Dalia plastic factory in order to study the level waste within the factory. Dalia plastic factory, north of Nablus. It was founded in 1995 . it produces full capacity throughout the day for 2 shift ,number of workers 9 .The factory has 4 production lines produces plastic bags of all shapes and sizes, Exports 60% of its products within occupied territory and 40% inside the West Bank. Due to the Increasing spread of the Lean manufacturing system, the need has arisen to develop means to investigate the level of understanding of this system in companies. the lack of a clear understanding of lean performance and its measurements, and the implementation of traditional management are significant reasons that lean practices have failed. to increase competition and customer expectations require companies to apply lean manufacturing system not traditional management to gain powerful competitive advantages in the globalized marketplace. In our graduation project, the main aim is to implement the concepts of lean manufacturing in the factory which produces plastic bags in Palestine, and work to do this by using the tools(tools of lean manufacturing ) that needed for it. We use this tools to ensure that the factory is working well.