Central Bus Station

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Hanbali, Mohammad
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The Central Station project is a strategic project that reflects the development of the city and the ability of its system to move users in an effective way, linking them to the main attractions and areas of high use on the one hand and the other hand to the other cities respecting the needs of travelers between cities. The project combines several different aspects, the architectural aspect in terms of the form of the building, forms of streets, squares and the way of work and movement and guidance, For the construction aspect, such as the structural systems which carries the building, And about the Transportation aspect in terms of providing solutions to the mobility of users are all equal to form a project capable of solving a huge problem City of Nablus. The project consists of four main layers in a way that took advantage of the levels as much as possible. In the first layer that contains 18 platform as a starting point to different cities with 3 main areas of the vertical circulation moving to the other floors. The ground floor is the nucleus of the project, which contains the main entrance and various services that facilitate The movement of travelers as much as possible as well as enable them to exploit the various facilities without conflict, they serve everyone without distinction between their needs, either the first and second floors are the spirit of the project that manages and keep alive, the various shopping areas and areas of restaurant lobbies and many Of entertainment tools for users The squares are one of the basics of the project. The city needs public spaces to interact with people in addition to the need to show the image of the project and its nature. The entrance shows very clearly. It also has a public reception area in the northern region and a final square leading to the Jordanians Martyrs’ Memorial A public park that represents a challenge to reuse the land in a manner that respects its municipal classification of the site (public park), benefiting all parties, serving the building as a station, and a public park for public use.