Articles Classification System

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Awashra, Naim
Halabi, Rani
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We have seen recently that websites that are interested in the transfer of news and circulation from other sites have proliferated, and the circulation of these news needs a tool that helps journalists, article writers and data entry users in the sites to categorize those news and articles by certain categories. The categories we will deal with are sports, economic, social, political and cultural, and a sixth category of news and articles that do not fall within the above. This tool will be able to fetch articles from sources that support fetching and provided with API to fetch and deal with their services like facebook API and AljazeeraNet API, and store them on the hard drive and then analyze and process them in several stages to ensure that the news or article is ready to upload to the site, and that they are acceptable files. In order for the files to be accepted, they are subject to a filtering process, so that any articles or news written in a non-standard Arabic language are excluded, as well as the filtered files if they are not related to the news or articles. The program will be linked to a website, where articles and news will be transferred to it, and the program will have a user interface to facilitate the program.