Omnspector Omni Environment Inspector

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Tuqan, Alia
Sadqa, Noor
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This project's main idea focuses on providing flexibility in moving through narrow and tight spaces without making many moves. It also helps in examining air quality in crowded closed areas, which some may be exposed to air pollution due to several uncontrollable factors. The main goal is to build a multifunctional Arduino-based robot using a special type of wheels, called Mecanum Wheels, each tire is a series of diagonal 3D printed rollers. This type of 3D printed wheels makes the robot capable of moving in any desired direction, the robot’s contribution is examining air and checking the status of some important natural factors like the humidity, gas percentage and temperature degrees. In addition to the showing the status, the results will be thresholded to some certain values to alert people around if there's a need to open a window or if an evacuation is needed for medically ill people. this movement principle can be beneficial in large supermarkets and industrial companies by transferring goods with fewer moves, which means more progress in less time and effort. The robot navigates through the rooms/departments provided with an LCD, which shows indicators regarding air quality, with some colored LEDS regarding the indicated status and a sound alert when needed. Each color represents the air pollution level.