Building Preventive Maintenance Model at National Carton Company

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Abdulrahman Saed
Yasmin Jaouni
Malak Ahmad
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The national carton company was evaluated to address the organizational need to enhance the efficiency of the preventive maintenance program, Specific attention was given to get optimization in build the preventive program, the National Carton Company work on correction maintenance system, but this system run when the machines failure, so the correction maintenance waste a lot of time to solve the problem, stop the production line, stop ordering from customer ,increases costs on repair the failure,  and maybe the team of maintenance not ready when the failure in machines occur. All these issues above called the company to do the preventive maintenance program, and improve the correction maintenance. To progress the company, and to give more ability on production. Preventive maintenance (PM) is defined as regularly scheduled maintenance actions based on average failure rates. A properly implemented PM strategy can provide many benefits to an organizing in terms of extending equipment life, optimizing resource expenditures, and balancing work schedules. Periodic evaluation of a PM strategy can help identify ways to improve efficiencies and maximize effectiveness.     The methodology consisted of two phases. The first phase , intended to develop an understanding of the gap between the current program and what it needs to become, consisted of two segments: data collection and a strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Using the interviews with National Carton Company, the analysis compared the state of the current program to relevant maintenance management theory and best practices from industry, this analysis resulted the identification of the strength point in machines and weaknesses in machines. The second phase of the methodology consisted of developing a model to bridge the gap between the current system and what it needs to become. It resulted from study the machines and knows the critical point in machines to make model preventive maintenance for the factory, saved the equipments and machines from unexpected fuller, and save a lot of money from corrective maintenance. Once the data was collected, the second segment of the first phase of the methodology consisted of data analysis. The objective of the data analysis was to evaluate relevant literature and all collected data in order to develop an understanding of the gap between the current situation and what it should become. From correction actins table, the data about machines collected, and data from who have experience in maintenance of machines. All these data analyses to obtain the model preventive maintenance and what should become. There were two primary objectives of the data collection effort (1) to develop an understanding of the existing program in national carton company and (2) to determine how the company needs to change. This information was gathered through interviews with individuals in the National Carton Company community who have extensive experience with the current program.  In order to meet the first objective, the data adopted from register the failure machines in current situation. The data collect for two main machines in factory: 1)       Curioni : this for manufacture close carton, and for painting in carton 2)       Die cutter : this machine for manufacture open carton There is interaction between two machines. The interaction is the all product needs to paints must go to the curioni machine first then decided go to the die cutter to produce open carton or stay in curioni to produce close carton product. The register was for three months August to November  from  CM1, this form to register the failure in factory, or any correction action to the machines, and tack information about machines to know the important parts in machines , critical parts in machines , and the parts that most impossibility to failure. This information includes how to chick the machines and fix it, spare parts in factory for the parts most susceptible to failure, or for the parts changed periodically such as: increase oils in machines, and skin in many parts that has dynamic motion. Then after that build the model.