Smart Home

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Ghuzzi, Rami
Yameen, Oday
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Our life in the 21st century is complicated enough, more than any time passed, because of technology evolution and the huge amount of information that should be known by each one of us. All that complexity aim is to make life more easy and able to be handled, to keep up with that evolution and to contain that amount of information at the same time, and this is where the engineers come in, to fill the gap between the complexity of technology and people simple needs. And we know that Home is where you feel safe and comfort, far away from outer distribution and noise, your own place in this big world, your comfort zone and freedom from the restrictions of traditions and people outside and in our century with the technology evolution we can develop and make our life much easier through technology smart. So this project is a sample of modern and future houses, which you will be able to control by an application downloaded on your smartphone. This project focus on the security and control of the smart home. The control of the house will be through an application, it is connected to the alert system which will give notification if there is any, also, it provides controlling the lights all over the house and opening/closing garage door and windows. This project has programmed on both Raspberry pi 3b and Arduino mega 2560, It used different kinds of sensors as we will see in this report.