Public Smart Library in the City of Nablus

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رهام بريك
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Human knowledge has been accumulating over history. With the rapid increase in the amount of information and advancement of civilization in the world, libraries initially appeared as places to keep and record this accumulated knowledge. Today, Libraries are source of books, places to read, socialize, gather, learn, and access to knowledge. In this chapter, They are a significant place to acquire, organize, preserve the accumulated knowledge and disseminate it to whomever needs them. Libraries also provide people with opportunities to communicate, interact, learn and socialize. They play a significant role in shaping the identity and culture of any society. Libraries are an object that grows with the growth of the times, so we see the chronology of the forms of libraries and their keeping up with every scientific discovery. We now see the development that our libraries have reached on the social, cultural, educational and entertainment levels and related to research and access to knowledge. We see the expansion of spaces and the introduction of new jobs and smart services that help individuals without the need To put a lot of effort into getting what they need. Libraries today have become smart with the intelligence of the technologies available today in the technological sector, and we can say that what we have in our hands today is digital libraries, which have taken a large space in our libraries today.