Under Floor Heating System

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Adli, Mosleh
Husam, wild Ali
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Under Floor Heating system is central heating system that use three modes of heat transfer radiation, convection and conduction by embedded pipes. Under Floor Heating system is widely adopted by residential and commercial sectors. It emerged widely due to compatibility with different heating device such as heat pumps (Air/water, geothermal heat pumps) with high efficiency, solar power and fuels (biomass, Diesel,…etc.) A theoretical and local survey is made for under floor heating system using different heat sources. Heat source running cost were estimated. It is clear that is running a heat pump is more cost effective than running a gas boiler. The system is being divided into two parts, the first part is the heat source device and hydronic system. The second part of the project is designing a full hydronic system for a department of 185 m^2 area, with an average heat load of 15 kW. The pipe type within each zone were PEX pipes and other were cobber pipes. Auto CAD files are provided also a solid work model for the system is provided. The comparison between systems according to economic and environmental and thermal comfort has been done. Results obtained show that the heat pump reduces the running cost by 𝟓𝟓% and the payback period is about 10 years. According to local survey most of the companies recommend using solar panel in addition to the heat pump, in order to minimize the total cost. All of the advantages and disadvantages of the system are shown in the report. In this project we deal with house located at Nablus to be heated with under floor warm water pipes using an air/water heat to minimize operating cost during winter season in order to give comfortable conditions for people within acceptable temperature and humidity. Familiar projects have been done over the world such as in Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine….etc.). In Palestine especially in Ramallah few projects were made such as Diplomatic Quarter villas, and Alreef villas but using Diesel Fuel. Promech contraction company made an under floor heating system enhanced with fire place waste energy in Hebron.