Inventory Management in PPIC

dc.contributor.advisorTamer Haddad
dc.contributor.authorSiham Abu Rabie
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dc.description.abstractInventory Management in PPIC  Abstract   Palestine Plastic Industry Company (PPIC) is one of the largest companies in the Palestinian market. PPIC was incorporated in February 1999 as a public shareholding company with a total declared capital of US$ 7 million. The main shareholder of PPIC is Palestine Industrial Investment Co. with a total ownership of 67%. The company's headquarter is located in Nablus. The company applies a system in quality control, management control with Basic principles in the Forecasting and assessment of the procurement process and the quantities of raw materials should be available in stores. But in the same time the company doesn't enjoy a precise system for inventory, warehouses, retailers and the information flow system.Our project is going to study and discuss these matters. ABC Classifications and the Forecasting concept  and other Industrial Engineering principles will be used in our project ending up with the final solutions Represented by building the dynamic model of Inventory and warehouses in additional to building the information flow system in the company.    The study of Supply chain management in PPIC is essential in the company's success and customer satisfaction. The objectives in applying this project on PPIC Company are: Reducing inventories along the chain, Better information sharing among the partners, Planning being done in consultation rather than in isolation. The benefits too would be reflected in terms of: Lower costs, Better customer service, efficient manufacturing, and Better trust among the partners.   In this report we are going to introduce a brief introduction of the components of the project, literature review, problem statement, methodology.             1.1          Plan of the project and methodology:              Palestinian market study: Collection of the essential information in order to forecast the demand.          Applying the supply chain strategies (using mathematical applications) on our case-study.          Ending up with the best for our company in Palestine which can be implementing in order to achieve all objectives. 1.3 Inventory and Warehouses system:             ABC classification Analyzing of PPIC products into three categories provides a mechanism for identifying the items that will have a significant impact on overall inventory cost. While also providing a mechanism for identifying different categories of stock that will require different management and controls.            Studying the demand and finding the best method for forecasting Tracking the pattern of the demand in order to identify the best method for forecasting for example: Time series methods, methods for stationary series, trend-based methods and methods for seasonal series and so on.          Studying the inventory problems and classify the warehouses items. 1.4 Information flow system modifications and improvement:            Studying the information flow system of the company          Detecting and identifying the problems and the area for improvement          Build the information system for the company with the improvements and modifications          Ending up with final information flow system, which will be the solution for our problem.           en
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