Bubbles Screen

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Ahmad Husaam Abo-Sa'a
Moath Sobhi Samaneh
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AbstractThis project aims to design a microcontroller-based bubbles screen in order to display text and patterns. The screen is composed of bubbles generated in a tank of water or other liquids.The patterns or text displayed on the screen can be sent via a smart phone. Drawing with bubbles using a smartphones touch screen would make water bubbles screen an easy tool to be used in advertising and entertainment. The idea here is to use a set of small air pumps arranged at the bottom of a water tank in a row to generate air bubbles based on the data sent from a smartphone's Bluetooth device.At the end of this project it is hoped that good appearance, clarity of the display and good size of the hardware may have been achieved. However, the weight and movability of the assembled parts of the device were not as it was hoped due to the lack of small direct current (DC) pumps and the shortage of the time to import these pumps from abroad.