Improvement of Al-Salam Intersection

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Wadee Awwad
Tawfiq Jarrar
Jamal Shehadeh
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Al-Salam intersection has four legs that connect Haifa, Ajnadeen and Prince Mohammad Streets. Al-Salam intersection is one of the most important intersections in Nablus and considered one of the vital entrances to Nablus City from the west, where vehicles coming from Tulkarem, Jenin, suburbs and neighborhoods of Nablus and vice versa. Unfortunately, the intersection has a "F" Level of Service (LOS). Moreover, at that intersection traffic volume has been increasing dramatically, which lead to increasing the average delay and congestion levels. The project aims to study Al-Salam intersection and the adjacent intersections.The study involves the operational aspects relating to Haifa Street and Al-Ameer Mohammad Street.The main objective is to find LOS for each adjacent intersection to improve their LOS's by applying the suitable actions to decrease the delay and congestion by managing traffic movements or even redesign the geometry of the intersection if possible. Methodology: To achieve the above objectives, the activities below should be preceded: collect data for the traffic at the study area then analyze and input these data in SYNCHRO program. Next, solve the appeared traffic problems, modifications are proposed and examined using this program.
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