CNC Lath Machine Project

dc.contributor.advisorSalameh Abdel-Fattah
dc.contributor.authorAdnan Hassoneh
dc.contributor.authorAsad Alsebaee
dc.contributor.authorAyoub Qadoos
dc.contributor.authorMutasem Essa
dc.contributor.authorAbed Alqader Salameh
dc.description.abstractThis project try to make available the needed machine that can't be imported, manufacturing such machines is the best available alternative. And to meet modern market needs as the demand for automation and flexible manufacturing system, these machine are not optional they are a must to satisfy the market need of high production rate in certain product. Such machine are hard to buy because the cost of these machine are very expensive and the machine we want to make is less cost than it.  In this project we will convert traditional lathe to a CNC lathe by adding electrical, mechanical components and by implementing a suitable program to produce the complex shape, it hard to make by manual machine.en
dc.titleCNC Lath Machine Projecten
dc.typeGraduation Project
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