Potential Energy glazing Technologies For Highly Glazed Buildings in Palestine

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Fuad Mutasim Baba
Murad Ribhi Bsharat
Wala' Hasan Omar
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In modern architecture, there is a trend for using Glass as a major part of building envelope. Arab Countries generally and Palestine specially , the owner, the consultant or contractor tend to use the single skin faade in buildings with large glazing area because they expected the single skin faade is cheaper than the other solutions as double skin faade. The owner, consultant and contractor dont consider the impact of this type of facade on energy efficiency and human comfort.              The important aspects that we were included in this project are the type of facades that is used in buildings (Traditional (stone), Single skin glass faade, Double skin glass faade) and taking into consideration (type of glass, number of layers, transparency, shading, and cost). In addition to the effect of the glass and the cavity in double skin faade on heating and cooling capacity, daylight, acoustics, operation and construction cost.             The main objective of the project is to study, analyze and compare between double skin faade and single skin faade in our climate and weather to overcome the problems resulting from this single skin glazing facade at walls. These problems include:  excess heat in summer, more heat loss in winter, lighting problems as glare, color decay, furniture damage, acoustic problem, and natural ventilation. After analyze, study the three cases of building facades (Traditional, single skin faade, and double skin faade) we found the double skin faade provides a good solution for:          Sufficient daylight almost without using shadow as curtains on all glass.          Huge difference between the value of double skin faade and the value of single skin faade in each heating and cooling load per average day (about 140 KW/Avg days, a single skin faade is more).          Double skin faade with low emissive glass is close with the value of insulated traditional building in each heating and cooling load per average day.          Natural ventilation, change the air in the building and air flow effect in cooling and heating load in double skin faade.          Need almost 14 years to retain the extra money that paid for double skin faade from single skin faade.