Re-design for primary school

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Khatib, Amr
Thouqan, Aseel
Al-Hasan, Lana
Sadi, Sofyan
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The primary objective of our project is to provide a smart, healthy, safe, and supportive environment where effective learning can take place. Our school focusing on children aged by 5-8 years old, because the future of the child depends on primary education, we want to create an environment conducive to this. The main emphasis goal, we want to come out with is to re-design school as an attractive architectural shape with creative landscape design using the concept of multicolor. Moreover, one of the main reasons why we chose this project is that we want to transform the traditional form of school facade into unique modern form with using multi material. After make a deep studying for our building site with its all conditions, we go on developing process for environmental design in the best way we can do It, we focus on using the same conceptual design that marge between help improving the facades shape and environmental modification; that the base we stand on it in this type of building improving. Besides that, we make a re-design for the original structural design aspect, as well as the design of the appropriate electrical and mechanical system including photovoltaics system with all the needed details. This flawless all-in-one design will make such a comfortable and beautiful learning environment.