Integrative Design of a Hotel

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Adham N. Mahamdeh
Alaa M. Mahroom
Fadi Z. Shaar
Osama M. Al-Hamouz
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The Historical and religious places will attract the tourists around the world. Nablus City is considered as one of the most commercial and religious city in Palestine. Moreover, it has the second place in terms of area, it contains many entertainment places, associations and institutions. Although Nablus city in counter many foreign people come from either tourists or business, still there is lack of one structural integrated hotel that contains all requirements and provide the best services, according to the last mentioned reason the hotel idea was emerged. The hotel has been designed as a 4-stars hotel on the north mountain (Sama Nablus) to serve 60 bedroom in four bedrooms floors, for the environmental aspects hotel is mainly oriented to the south, cantilevers and louvers have been used for shading and all openings have been designed to get the best daylights, in the structural side two way ribbed and one way ribbed have been used with drop beams. To get these results many programs and codes have been used like Uniform building Code (UBC97), International Building Code (IBC), Jordanian Building Code 2005, Arab Uniform Code 2006 and ACI 318-2008 the structural design have been built by Sap 2000 and  Etabs, Revit have been used for 3-D models and AutoCAD for 2-D plans.  ASHRE standard for heating, ventilation and air conditioning have been used, In addition to that DIAlux, which used for lighting design depending on LEED specification. Ecotect have been used for heating and cooling design, daylight factors and acoustics design.  
. . .       . 4- ( ) 60 . (UBC97) (IBC) 2005 2006 ACI 318-2008 2000 ETABS 3D 2D  .   ASHRE DIAlux LEED.  Ecotect .