Integrated redesign of Lemon W Na3Na3 Restaurant

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Jarrar, Lama
Abu Taha, Maryam
Awartani, Nora
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Our project is to do all the required design analysis of a restaurant, in order to deliver the best design on the highest level, the reason why we have chosen a restaurant, is because of the increase in demanding and establishing independent projects such as restaurants in our community, also because restaurants are considered as a factor to attract tourists and support the economy of the country. In our project we are going to cover all the design aspects like architectural , structural , mechanical, electrical, environmental and firefighting aspects and make them work together to meet the standards to come up with the best design with a high level of service . a well-known restaurant needs to be designed in a way that can offer comfort to clients , starting from the place of it , that should have a view that is calming and away from the noise , so are going to come up with a design that meets with the requirements of any client , and make them feel comfortable as we can, we are going to focus on developing and improving the building performance, when it comes to water, energy and environment, also the building should go with its surrounding perfectly. The project is divided into two phases, the first phase is a study, analysis and collection of sufficient information from the references on the criteria and requirements of design and compared to the project on reality. The second stage is to design the restaurant so that it meets the standards that have been collected to come up with the best design and the least defects Our project is (Lemon W Na3na3) restaurant, and it is located in the South-West region of Nablus, the current design will be checked and redesigned to meet the standard.