Automatic Car Parking System

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Ibsias, Medhat
Al-Haji, Ameer
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Computer engineering attends to solve problems in all aspects of life, this project will solve the problem of cars parking, also solving the problem of unused path to parking slots inside the parking. The automatic car parking system is aiming to handle the cars parking operation easily for the user and the parking lot owner, and reduce the amount of land’s area used for parking with expand the parking as building contains floors of cars parking, with also keeping the parking fully automatic. The system, uses the IOT feature by connecting our system to a local server in order to keep all users and parking data connected and saved in one place. The system is acting like floors with 6 slots for each floor with an elevator that carries cars to the closest empty slot, it also uses IOT technology in parking operation, the system will be connected to a server and database contains information about users and slots, we will use unique RFID cards with rechargeable balance for each user and according to the standard cost of car parking, the system will withdraw that amount from the RFID card according to the balance that is registered in the database.