Structural Analysis and Design of AL-ARZ Building

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Somoud Yaseen
Israa Nassasrah
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From its beginning in 1950, Al Arz Company has evolved to be the leader of frozen treats market in Palestine. Since its establishment by Mohammad Anabtawi in Nablus-Palestine, Al Arz grew into a successful producer of high quality extruded ice cream products The existing structure has been designed for gravitational loads, so in this project redesigned the gravitational loads, and foundation system. This project consists of concrete, glasses and steel. This project is being constructed according to high standard and its consists of three basement floors, ground floor, and top three floors with total area of 2481.44m^2. The first two basement used as a garage with area of 359 m2, the third one basement consists of stores with an area of 320 m2. Ground floor has stores and show with an area of 322.97m2. In addition, the first ,second and third floor is gallery and offices , the area of each one is 373.49 m2. The design will be according to these following cods and specifications: UBC-97, ASCE7-10 ACI318-14 .The SAP2000 and ETABS16 software will be used to model and analysis the project and compare the result from program with manual calculation and do checks to make sure the building is stable and the building is correctly modeled.