Drug Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center

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I chose to design an addiction treatment and rehabilitation center in response to the community's need in these centers in terms of drug abuse and family and societal harm now and in the future. Establishing a special center for the treatment and rehabilitation of addicts closer to the health resort. It is the predominant therapeutic and psychological method for patients nowadays. Although drugs are substances that come from nature, nature is the best remedy for mental illness, including addiction, and this is a challenge in itself, by creating a psychological sense of home and psychological comfort, through my creation of other interior spaces to enhance the feeling quietly. Psychological comfort using the square and the rectangle, meaning that it has a fixed shape and suggests stability, strength and security. The use of calm colors gives reassurance; Because it has a positive effect on human brain cells. And I designed that the building rotates around a 45-degree axis, which is the nerve of movement for all those in the center, whether doctors or addicts, as it separates the two main wings associated with the administration, as it combines treatment and rehabilitation, that is, it is similar to a recreational treatment center.