A Comprehensive Redesign of Rogue Fitness Club in Jenin City

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Sharqawi, Bayan
Aqel, Dina
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For a healthier life style, for a better future all you need is a little of sport from time to time. Nowadays, people wants to get their jobs done quickly. A simple example is having fast food most of the time instead of healthy homemade food. As a result people started getting fat and having fat related illnesses. Thus a well facilitated gymnasium would be a solution towards healthier life of all people with different ages. Traditional gymnasiums at most cities in Palestine are time parted (for example morning hours for women and evening hours for men) with limited types of sports. The idea of this gymnasium is to offer a range of sport activities for all family members, a husband with his wife, a child with his mom or an adult with his/her grandparents. Thus it is both to lose that fat you do not need, to have a healthier body and to have fun with your fellows. This project has analyzed and redesigned Rogue gym which is located in Jenin city (north of Palestine) and it is about 850 m 2 . The analysis and evaluation process took all weakness into consideration to have a better comprehensive redesign of it. The evaluation process included architectural, structural and environmental elements of the gym. The project was enlarged to afford space for both genders at the same time, and some internal spaces were modified to meet architectural standards. It was evaluated in terms of all environmental aspects such as solar insulation values and daylight factor and according to results treatments such as louvers were applies to improve the environmental functions of the project. Finally a new structural design was checked.