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Mechatronics engineers use technology to find solution of problems concerning time and effort. Computer numeric control (CNC) machines are very important in industrial applications from small scale industry to large companies. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are one of the most important parts of electrical and electronic devices, The increasing of integrated circuits, higher Packing density and smaller layoutdimensions make high demands on PCB - manufacture. The main goal of this this project was to design and produce a PCB with short time, low cost and good accuracy achieved by incorporating features of PC with microcontroller. This project deals with the design of automatic CNC machine for PCB Milling and drilling. The PCB CNC Machine is a three axis Machine, where a three dimensional design will prepared by Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs. This report involves too many chapters. The first one contains a general Introduction about our project, the second chapter is a Review of Printed Circuit Boards. After that, different type of milling CNC machine and more details about CNC Machine are mentioned in third chapter. In addition, chapter four Summarizes Mechanical and Electrical Component of our Design and shows the building of our machine. Also Control software and operation system of CNC Machine are explain in chapter five. Finally, the last one conclude all report and contains a future work about our project.