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Nariman Abu Sneineh
Ala Saleh
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Sleeping plays a vital role in good health throughout human beings lives. Moreover, nobody denies the difficulties of waking up every morning whatever were the difficulties represented by either the hearing problems or the heavy sleeping. In addition, we will never forget the peoples obsession about the luxury. As a result, we are looking forward to give a hand to these persons by offering ShakeWake.ShakeWake is a pillow with features to achieve the well-being and to help the user to live a healthy life. On the one hand, this pillow helps deaf, hearing impaired and heavy sleeping people to wake up at the exact time that they want. It is connected to the smart phone using an android mobile application via Bluetooth to act as a part of the alarm clock. When the alarm goes off, the pillow gently vibrates to wake the user up from his/her sleep using vibrating motors. After a while if the user dont get up, the pillow will know because it can sense the weight of his/her head on it then it will keep shaking until he/she get out of bed to face the day. On the other hand, it is a good health indicator which detects the user's sleeping movements during his/her sleeping cycles to decide if his/her sleeping is continuous or not then it informs the user if he/she suffers from insomnia or another healthy trouble when consulting the doctor or the psychologist using his/her sleep behavior graph.Finally, this idea is totally new in our country so when our project becomes a real smart pillow we will be glad for publishing it to the outside world helping many persons to wake up in the exact time that they want and at the same time monitoring their healthy lives in a systematic way by just one click.