Vertical Park

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Project aim and fast view about it : The project is an entrepreneurial idea which goal is to create a challenge with the aim to satisfying an existing need and problem in the city of Nablus, which is the deep visual pollution afflicted by the city. Also the lack of land, but the city's limited expansion and paralysis of the state of horizontal growth due to limitations and random chaotic growth of the city from buildings that reduce this capacity To create a lively, living outlet that helps add aesthetic and visual breath to the eye of the viewer and the person who lives in the city or the visitor because of the randomness in the construction and near the desertification of the green cover of the city, threatening that with many problems such as a large rise in temperature due to vital and metabolic problems of the city and approaching. The city is more to the shape of the informal, informal and impolite slums This project aims to support the environment in the region, especially as it was created for the existing problem in Nablus, which made it a suitable project for the problem so that it aims to create a park that solves the suffocation of the green cover of the city, especially in crowded areas and without forgetting The problem of the weak presence of large lands that help to form a garden that contributes to softening the general atmosphere in the city due to many political and social factors in the region, the scarcity of lands, and controversy. Sterile v in the around.