Performance evaluation of 5KW on grid PV system using matlab Simulink

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Ismail, Mohammad
Tuqan, Khalid
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•The project is a detailed study of solar energy in Palestineby studying the types of PV cells like the study we made in graduation project 1,but in graduation project 2 the study was made using matlabSimulink,the project will analysis the performance analysis of 5 KWH ON- grid PV system installed in west bank. •The project will design the system and simulate each component such as, the PV panel, boost converter and grid tie inverter. Also, it will describe the principle of operation of each component. •The project will make the calculation of L and C that are necessary for designing the boost converter •The project will find the output energy of the three region in west bank (Aqaba, Zababdah and Tubas) by changing the irradiance of each month with STC temperature and vice versaand plot the effect of changing irradiance and temperature on the output energy. •Finally, the project will study the economic evaluation of the three region and find the payback periods of each region.