Box of palletizer machine

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Iessa Asrawi
Islam Barhom
Mahmaoud shreem
Mohammed Ali
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This project was selected because of the importance for the palletizer machine to national company for manufacturing cartoon.The machine is used to arrange and organize the cartoon on the ballets that make the inventory stock will be controlled and save the time, cost and labor efforts in load and unload for products.The machine is connected on the end of production line where the products will be located on the conveyer after been printed and marked, according to the design the fixed number- size of products will be go inside the machine which had sensors controlled the puncher who punch the products to steel base which controlled by sensors also, the steel base will be moved with tow axial direction to locate the products on the required shape and arrangement in the ballet.The movement of the steel base is divided two directions, vertical direction which is used to control the product to up and down motion as required to arrange it in the ballet and to decide the height of products on the ballet, and the horizontal which is used to make the same shape required in the ballet. This project explains the process required to design the palletizer for the cartoon factory and show the engineering concepts which help to make the machine under practical stage.