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Ahmed Qadous
Raslan Darawsheh
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The importance of our project comes from the fact that every driver suffer from the lack of parkingspace in the major cities, therefore, the application - that we will design will provide an easy, fastand accurate way to find the closest free parking slot . The main aspects that should be covered inthe project are represented by two important factors. First, the time to find a place where you canpark your car as a driver that would tack a long time in the old fashioned way , the app willovercome this obstacle by navigating the driver to the nearest parking slot. Second, seeking for anempty slot would increase the fuel consumption, and as we all know the world trends to therationalization of fuel consumption. From a sense of responsibility we do encourage this trend, todo so the application would lead the user throw the shortest path to the nearest free parking slot.The overall objectives of our project are represented by the following .To begin with, deliver anapplication that would help the drivers to find the closest free parking slot and navigate him to it.Also, providing a new mechanism of payment for the parking fees throughout a prepaid cards. Onemore, is to give a brief description of how crowded a street is without having to get into it ,and tosee wither there are any free parking slots or not. Finally, a webserver that would connect theapplication throw the APIs that we will develop- with the hardware that will be constructed later.As an outline to our project, we will start developing an android based mobile application that willconnect the users with the map of the city. Also, adding the network of parking slots to the mapeither with internet connection or not. In addition, choosing the best way to navigate to the parkingslots. Moreover, designing the payment mechanism that basically uses the (QR) code to handleevery slot. Furthermore, building the webserver and its APIs. Finally, connecting the webserverwith the mobile application.
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