Smart Agency For Entities

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Ansam Soliman
Yasmeen Shqair
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Since travelling became easy nowadays, a lot of people move from one place to another for education andwork and they may carry some bags from one place to another. In many circumstances, they are forced toleave their bags in a safe place for a period of time during the workday. So our project aims at building aautomatic system for saving bags and personal belongings in an easy and efficient way so as to reduce itemlosses or classification mistakes which were frequent problems of the old manual process.Our model will include several sections to save packages based on their size (small, large) in an automaticway. This means that for a given package, our system will be responsible of finding the optimal space forstorage, move it there and retrieve it later. All these steps are done mechanically and automatically. Mostdesired goals of our project are the classification system, reduce the time and effort, increase the utilizationof space and ensure the safety and integrity of entities.In our project we will use control panel that contains keypad, LCD, in order to give the user an ability toenter his/her phone number and get the bar-code to identify this specific object for this specific user, andmay be use the phone number to send an SMS message to remember the objects.