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Thabet, Hiba
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Location: Sabastiya, on the borders of the old town on one of its main entrances Area: 17 Acres The museum offers two main functions: exhibit (permanent and temporary) as well as to identify the civilizations that inhabited Sabastiya, through the halls dedicated to visitors and the theater or through the Galleries. Concept: Seven major civilizations lived in Sabastiya from which the idea of the project was extracted- the chronology of civilizations - It started with the bronze civilization and ended at the present time This is help to arrange information in the memory of the visitor The location is mountainous so that the lines of the project were consistent with the contour lines . After analyzing the site and identifying the entrances and exits : The entrance (reception, halls for visitors to identify the museum and Sabastiya, a multi-purpose hall) Then moving upward by the ramps to the permanent galleries sequentially , Then to the temporary gallery, theater, cafeteria, library and finally to the old town . The series of civilizations is an endless series Therefore, the infinite code was used at the end of the chain , raised and emptied from a cube which engraved with inscriptions of ancient civilizations The project ends with this cube, which is a library because it represents knowledge and civilization.