Prosthetic limbs

dc.contributor.authorDarweesh Azzam
dc.contributor.authorJehad Yahya
dc.contributor.authorDiala Awaysa
dc.contributor.authorAlaa mMaqboul
dc.description.abstractWalking is an easy task for all humans and animals. But in some cases it becomes an impossible task for some of them because of many reasons such as diseases that cause lose of their lower limbs such like (Diabetes),landmines and also injuries  in wars . The purpose of our project is to help these people to live their normal life as natural persons. In order to achieve this purpose many researches were found about the amputee number all over the world, in both cases of amputee (BK) below knee amputation or (AK) above knee amputation and studies about the human knee and its natural motion and how the tibia is connected to the femur.After determining the exact motion of the natural human, the mechanical components that may help us to achieve this purpose were chose. the major components, four bar mechanism which will represent the knee joint,  power screw which provides the motion, stepper motor which provides the required power for the motion.We also use a socket to be the interconnection between the knee joint and the amputee. Stainless steel rod acts as the tibia and provides the connection between the knee joint and the foot.Matlab, maple programs were used to give the required angles between the links of the four bar mechanism which needed to give the natural motion. PIC programmer was used to provide the interfacing between the amputee commands and the application of motion.en
dc.titleProsthetic limbsen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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