The effect of covide-19 on the food industry

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Shanaa, Ahmad
jumah, Ahmad
Ayaseh, Yazan
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a pandemic that led to worldwide crisis that affected many industries and Food Industries were no exception, food sector is an important part of every country because it takes a big part of the economy and it supplies a necessity to the people. There for it is important to study the effects during and after the pandemic. Obtain information on the current situation in the food sector and to collect data from the producers to measure the impact on the food sector after. An online questionnaire will be conducted among number of those producers. To see if the food sector need financial assistance for Functioning, to protect the jobs in this industry and to save People who depend or benefit of this sector. The food industry on the outside seems to be benefiting from the pandemic because the huge increase in demand and sacristy of the people to run out of food but the food producers says otherwise. After the crisis food sector will emphasize about the necessity of emergency planning and how to handle with those kind of situations and put some focus on important parts that make the food sector that were previously neglected or didn’t have much focus like manpower, stored goods, and distribution system. The food sector in Palestine keeps on growing and it’s a huge part of the economy and for it’s importance it needs to focus more light on it and provide a supporting environment.