Smart Wheelchair

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Enas, Adwan
Diana, ALkhateeb
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These days the majority of tasks are performed by using computerized systems and these systems should have a role to improve the lifestyle of disabled people. The disabled people use traditional wheelchairs, but it make them dependent on others especially who suffer from Quadriplegia, so they can’t move or do anything without the help of others. So we think that we can help them by developing smart wheelchair that can be controlled by voice, this will provide more independence, and more mobility, and so enabling participation in family and community activities. Also we added some features to the wheelchair that improved safety of the disabled. The wheelchair will be programmed to move in all directions according to voice commands from the disabled person (left , right ,backward ,forward ,stop) and the ability to execute multiple commands from a specific position inside his home , if he want to go to bed room for example he will say a specific command to do that. For safety there will be obstacles avoidance using ultrasonic, Also in dangerous situation like if he fall or could not find his way he can send a message by saying specific command like send message command and so a message will be sent with his location to his family or hospital for example by using GSM and GPS. In addition we added DF Player to the wheel chair to know if the voice has been detected, when the user say a specific command the DF Player will say Ex. ok or undefined or done . Also we added wireless ability to our project, so some commands can be wirelessly sent by using the RF Module.