Teshreen contract system

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نزال, فرح
بلال, دعاء
مصري, هديل
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The project that we have prepared is a website for managing the projects of Tishreen Contracting Company in Nablus via the Internet, as the site consists of several important pages for the company from the projects page and its management and pages for adding suppliers, clients, and employees, and displaying the profiles of each of them as important references for company, at the end the system displays a set of reports. During the study and analysis of Tishreen Contracting Company, we noticed a problem, which is relying on a paper system, and the company's lack of an electronic system that enables the company’s manager and project managers to track and manage start-up costs on a daily or monthly basis, and thus the absence of an electronic system causes future risks and wrong decisions. We seek through our system to provide a solution to this problem by enabling the company director and project manager to track and manage project costs at any time and anywhere, because correct cost management prevents the company from falling into problems and the commitment to deliver the project in a timely manner so that the company is not exposed to fines. The main idea of our project is a new web-based system, which will reduce company costs and reduce delays. we first purchased the hosting and domain through a company and provided us with a hosting control panel, then we started programming and writing the code as desired by the company and completing the process of creating the database. We were also in constant contact with the company via the Zoom network to provide us with details and how the work is done within the company, and then we were in contact to take important data such as the projects that the company is working on, owners, suppliers, resources, and employees., Where we strive to design a site that can Company manager and project managers from managing and tracking projects appropriately.