Structural Analysis & design of Al-Noor Building

dc.contributor.advisorMunther Diab (Department Head)
dc.contributor.authorWaleed Basheer
dc.contributor.authorAlaa Hamayel
dc.contributor.authorNour Emad Nana
dc.description.abstractIn this project,  the structural analysis and design of ANOOR building was done .  The building is a reinforced concrete structure that consists of 6 floors , each floors have an area of (267 m2) and is located in Nablus city.  This project has good advantages for society since it will provide residential apartments for about 12 families. Also this project was very important for us as students to practice our engineering skills for analysis and design and gave us good experience. In this project the analysis and design of the building was carried out considering gravity and seismic loads. In the first part of the project, analyze and design under gravity loads was done, and during this part, the analysis and design of the building for seismic loads was done.  The methodology used in this project is to get the architectural drawings, and propose structural systems to carry vertical and lateral loads. After that the building was designed using SAP 2000 program under gravity and seismic load. Hand calculations were used to check results of SAP2000. Detailed drawings of each structural element were drawn using autocad programen
dc.description.abstract. 6   267 2 . .   12 . . .   .        .     SAP 2000  .     SAP2000. .  ar
dc.titleStructural Analysis & design of Al-Noor Buildingen
dc.titleStructural Analysis & design of Al-Noor Buildingar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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