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The project is about a public library in the city of Nablus, specifically located west of Nablus on Street 25 The basic idea of the magnitude of the problem of people about reading today, for that reason is that we encourage people to participate in reading, reading and public education for the project, so I took care that the general site be a factor in attracting people. The appropriate space for the appropriate method for the appropriate method for the method that was designed (elliptical courtyard) can be open to each other between each other, and the floor area is likely to be more and more, I designed degrees for readers to be exposed to the size review. As for the configuration and the curved lines that form the exterior lines of the building. The ground then directed the building towards the best view of the site. The alternative option for curved lines in the project because this type of good lines is for the lines contained in continuity and the idea of infinity in the thing, and this is what I want to convey to it by expressing the necessity of continuity in reading reading science in society