Developing evaluation method for Nablus Municipality Customer Service Center (CSC)

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Lara Anton Ghateet
Amr Tareq Abdallah
Isra Moa'yad Snober
Ahmad Fuad Mahmoud
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AbstractThe main Purpose of this study is to improve the evaluation techniques of the customer service center (CSC) in Nablus municipality, and to detect the weakness points in order to improve itTo do so, a comprehensive diagnostic study about ( CSC )has been done to understand( CSC) from inside through physical facilities and processes such as (Location, layout, dcor, size, capacity, timeliness, and communication), Behavioral aspects such as ( solving problems, handling complaints, speed, attitude, politeness), and Professional judgment such as ( advice, guidance, innovation, and Honesty). And from outside through the customer satisfaction on the services that they took from (CSC).For the current situation, it was clear that the center from inside is relatively good and the customers relatively satisfied on the current services.In this project we classified the services into groups or categories dependent on the customers opinions and decisions so we know what is more important than the others and trying to improve the rest to get customers satisfaction the thing that will increase the overall satisfaction of customers on (CSC).There was a problem in the internal evaluation because there is no job description for the employees and there is just a yearly evaluation which misses the productivity of the employees. So we improve this and make a productivity evaluation for the employees.(CSC) productivity was measured dependent on the cumulative productivity the thing that make the productivity always high and not reflect the real productivity for a certain period, we solve this by improving the reporting to show the real productivity for each department of the municipality.We also improved the employee input monitoring screen by adding some details to help evaluation the productivity in a specific time.