Contractor’s response towards managing the project time

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Assi, Osama
abdulfattah, Mohammed
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The project time is very important to avoid the contractor from delay and eliminate the liquidated damages.In this research, all the causes of delay will be gathered and analysed. This can be done through questionnaire to highlight the main causes of delay. After analysing of questionnaire, the exact remedial actions should be assigned. The main objective of this project is to highlight the main reasons of project delay and give a suitable actions to avoid the contractor from huge losses. The methodology to achieve the project objective could be summarized as below: 1. Gather all needed information's about delay that caused by contractor or by the owner. 2. Design a questionnaire to be distributed among contractors and owners to recognize the main reasons of project delay. 3. Analyse the questionnaire using software program SPSS to gain a remarkable results 4. Make a reasonable actions by both contractor and owner to avoid any losses or negative aspects to maximize their aspirations. Many similar projects has been made before. But, contractors usually protest from delay time and feeling careless against managing the project time. In this research the contractor and the owner must pay their attention more about the time.