Our Farm

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Awwad, Muna
Ba’ara, Sabah
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Animals play a big role in humans' life such as providing food, making clothes, in sports, to name but a few. In order to get high-quality meats and dairy which meet the needs of citizens or even any benefit from animals, there should be careful care. Nowadays, technology can be used in many fields, which saves time, effort and reduces the need for workers so there is a tendency to use it to monitor and operate animal farms. It consists of four main systems: cleaning system, feeding system, drinking system, and security and safety system. The cleaning system is a robot for cleaning animal waste, the feeding system which regulates the eating periods where the food bowl will be filled a specific number of times as determined by the farmer in advance, the drinking system ensure that the drinks in the drinking bowl are enough for animals, and security and safety system consists of restrictions on the door when entering the farm. In addition to the four systems mentioned above, there is an environmental control system that will control temperature, lighting and get rid of organic odors. In this project, the farm is developed based on IoT using sensors and controllers.