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Qadri, Hoor
Al-Saleh, Nisreen
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Using the ordinary search engines to look for a specific number is time consuming , the user must search through numerous sources to get what he is looking for, and only in rare cases the user actually find clear and recent evidence. so in order to avoid these problems , getting a customized search engine for numbers has become an essential element. “NumSearch” is a web based search engine eliminates all the previous problem by providing relevant and easily accessible data , in which asks the user to enter his question and immediately go through the corpus and return the most relevant number on the topic as well as the topic resource. This project comes to serve different type of users in their different sectors such as researchers, students , journalists, business companies, and government institutions in the Arab World, so we pay a special attention to the origin of the data to let the user get a reliable and correct data as much as possible.