Design Of A Sewer System Network For Dair- Istiya Village

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Oday F. Arabasi
Qosay H. Awad
Mosa'b M. Qtiet
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Dayr-Istiya  village is the main focus of this project. Dair-Istiya Village has no sewer network, so we will solve this big problem in this project. There are many aspects have to be considered in this project. First of all, the number of population in future depending on increasing rate, also the adequacy of the Sewer network will be checked to meet the peak flow condition. Another important aspect is to make sure that velocities and slope values are within the acceptable and designed range.   Its cleared that the main objectives of this project is to hydraulically design a wastewater collection system for Dair-Istiya Village Area by using SewarCAD software.   This project time period will be twenty years, with high efficiency. Methodology starts by collecting data and information from the area of study and from previous studies related to this project, including the demand which is computed from the number of people. And by using the suitable computer programs (SewerCad and GIS), this data will be used to design networks which meet the required objectives.  
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