Seismic Design of Fatima Al Zahra Mosque

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Khattab Abed Salawdeh
Mohammad Oraib Hamarsheh
Mohannad Ismail Abdo
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 Fatima Al Zahra mosque is an old prominent landmark in Qaffen-Tulkarm city where engineering offices do not design for seismic loads.           Earthquakes cause great damage for structures, so seismic design is an essential requirement in order to reduce the earthquake effect to achieve safe, comfort and economical design. The aim of the establishment of this building is to improve our analytical skills with the engineering sense by using structural simulation models and to be able to judge the validity of the results. We have to keep up with the development so we will use structural analysis programs and we must have the ability to decide whether the results are logical and comply with our engineering sense or not.          This mosque, consists of a ground floor and a first floor with a total area of 476m2 (238m2 for each). Structural models will be analyzed and designed by using computer software and the results will be checked by hand calculations.          Structural elements will be designed as reinforced concrete members according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in ACI 318, for seismic design IBC2012 code will be used.  
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