Structural Analysis and Design of Tubas Secondary School

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Sayed Abdullah Qawareeq
Sohaib Mohammed Abu-Qubaita
Mosab Badran Nassar
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This project is a structural analysis and design of Tubas secondary school building, which is located in Tubas. The school consists of three floors; its total area is 2568 m2 which will be used for educational purposes. The school consists of ground floor 943,6 m2, first floor 822,7 m2, second floor 474,1 m2, staircase 25 m2, canopy 154,6 m2, and shaded area 148 m2. The design will be accomplished according to ACI-318-2011 code, and ASCE code. UBC-97 or IBC2012 will be used for earthquake and wind loads, the structural analysis program SAP 2000 17.1 will be used for analysis and design and Auto-cad program for details. Moreover, hand calculations will be a verification and preliminary design tool. The project will include a detailed design of all structural elements in the building such as slabs, beams, columns and footings. Furthermore, it will include a 3D structural model for the whole building and a dynamic analysis will be done in order to study the behavior under earthquake forces. In project one; the structural elements such as slabs, beams and columns were analyzed using both hand calculations and verifications from sap. The seismic base shear and wind loads were calculated and distributed all over the structural levels using UBC-97 and IBC-2012. The snow load was determined using Jordanian code. Column were designed based on axial force only. In project two; the structural elements such as slabs(diaphragm), beams and  columns will be designed and footings will be analyzed and designed using sap2000. Column will be designed based on both axial force and buckling.   
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