Nablus Sport Complex

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Sawalhi, Tamer
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This project is a response to the author's passion for sport and his curiosity about the architectural process that is necessary to understand and facilitate the interrelation of body, mind and soul. The potential influence of physical exercise; its correlation with the metaphysical aspects of the individual and how this influence spills over into the larger context of society is investigated. The primary objective of the architectural response is to amplify the potential of sport as a means of building peace and self- actualisation within a society that suffers from the effects of crime and violence. Although popular culture reinforces the belief in the potential of sport, Spaaij (2009:1109) identifies factors and conditions that must be met if the positive value of sport is to be achieved. The Research incorporates these factors and conditions into a multipurpose 'sport for development' community complex. This complex aims to augment the existing 'sport for development‘ programmes in Palestine and serve as a prototype for future sport centres and complexes , which ultimately includes everyone in the process of society development . This Project Is A Response To The Author's Passion For Sport And His Curiosity About The Architectural Process That Is Necessary To Understand And Facilitate The Interrelation Of Body, Mind And Soul. Project Concept Reflecting The Meaning Of “Sport” On The Project In Its Shape -Acting The Mussels Shape- And In Its Function-Creating A Butter Life For Humen-Being-. From The Outer Shell , The Shape Of The Building Routed From The Smooth Lines Which Placed In The Human Mussels And Particularly The Leg Mussels.As The Inside Of The Project ,A Special Spaces Have Created Called “Refreshment Areas” Which Is Found All Over The Project Spaces , Where Public And Members Can Meet And Interact .And So The Architectural Solution Represented To Accommodate These Two Factors. “Towards An Active Design” .Another Aim I Have Admitted To Achieve Is The Active Design (Which Depends On Ten Principles To Make The Design Is Active Referring To Sport England Association .Two Bicycle Roots Have Been Scattered Along The Main Lines Of The Project , These Roots Is Overlaid On The Main Functions Of The Project . ‘STRONG LIMITATIONS OFFER AN OPPORTUNITY FOR STRONG ARCHITECTURAL INTERPRETATION, IF YOU ARE CAPABLE OF SENSING THE SPIRIT OF YOUR EARTH AND SKIES.’ (VON MEISS 1997:7)