Environmental Cars Exhibition(Redesign)

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Ghazal Jamus
Noor Qarttalo
Taqwa Odwan
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Recently we have noticed the increase in demand for import and purchase of moderncars in Palestine. In conjunction with the shortage in the presence of specialized and local modern cars exhibitions, we found that the Palestinian market needs for specialized companies in the automotive trade that providing suitable exhibitions for displaying, sell cars and its parts and providing maintenance services. Moreover, we have to emphasis on the importance of providing convenience for customers, visitors and employees staff within the exhibition through making an appropriate design for the exhibition and to be sure that the building will be environmentally friendly.The main challenge in this project is to reach energy efficient design for the exhibition and does not affect adversely on the function of the building. The project must respect structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical and environmental special design requirements. Also, we have to avail of solar energy and natural lighting. At the end, the project will be presented as a future proposal design for one of the agencies automotive companies in Palestine.The suggested process to implement this project is based on a literature review about the exhibitions, and highlight the local market requirements for such exhibitions. Moreover, it is based on a similar case study that support us to identify the important specifications to start the project, and helped us to get the necessary criteria and the recommendations for such design.The suggested design for the cars exhibition is one of the students work of the third year of architectural department, and we made a redesign for the project to be suitable for the proposed site location in Nablus city and the requirements for such project. The project was evaluated by using different software for architectural, structural, mechanical and environmental aspects from different point views. The new design was modified to be in different levels to take advantage of the site slope (11% slope), and we separated the showrooms, offices and maintenance facilities to three buildings. In addition, we used mixed mode ventilation system instead of using full air conditioning during the most of the year. As a result, we saved approximately 50% of heating and cooling loads that such project needs to achieve comfort conditions. Finally, we madea quantity survey for the project and calculated the expected cost for the project.