Comparison Between Chiller and VRF systems “Youth Development Resource Center, Jericho”

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Arandy, Doaa
Daraghmeh, Thanaa
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As concern for the environment has been dramatically raised over the recent decade, Governments have increased their efforts to reduce environmental impact. In construction field development , strategies and technologies was conducted to reduce the effects on the environment and reduce energy costs. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems are obviously one of the key factors of building energy consumption. Now a days selection of the most appropriate HVAC system is very important to get best results in both economic and environmental view points. In our graduation project we will conduct a comparison between the chiller system and the Variable Refrigerant Volume System (VRV System) for a youth center located in Jericho. In the beginning of our Report we illustrated Air Conditioning Types , there are five different types of air condition, we discussed them and mentioned the differences between them. Then we focusedthe study on the chilled water and VRV systems, we discussed types and the principle of work for each systems. Also, Energy Efficient, Energy Saving , Enhanced Indoor Air Quality, Maintainability, Reliability, Flexibility, is illustrated for the systems. We will design both systems and compare between both systems economically and environmentally then write the observations and recommendations.