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Ahmad, Taha
Bara'a, Aghbar
Faris, Eskander
Majdy, Darweesh
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The number of cars is increasing in Palestine, almost a car in each single house. These cars need to be washed properly every week using water which consumes at least 20 liters of water. This is considered as a huge amount to wash one car, and this makes a huge problem specially in the regions that suffers the lack of water. To overcome this problem, steam was used to wash cars instead of water. The steam machines have been used in many foreign countries and there are many companies that produce these kind of machines but these machines depends on electricity to operate. Using these steam machines in Palestine will be inefficient due to the high cost of electricity. Therefore, in this project we are proposing a device that produce the steam in a good quality to wash the cars. So what makes our project unique is that it will use the used oil instead of the electricity. The steam car washing machine aims to reduce the consumption of water and electricity, find a way to recycle the used oil, and increase the efficiency of car washing (effort, time, and quality of cleaning). In this part of the project, we are going to focus on the used oil and producing the steam, but the rest of the parts will not be explained in details and that is because of the lack of time