Noise pollution in Nablus city

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Mohammad Hani Qasem
Malik Ahmad Obaid
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This research included a study of the most important sources of noise pollution in the roundabout area in Nablus. Current measurements were made to take advantage of noise measurements in the noisy areas (7) sites, and a questionnaire was conducted to (65) people. This questionnaire asked people about noise pollution, its effects, and sources of noise, then asked them what were the noisiest sources in this area. As a result of the questionnaire, there were three main sources of noise pollution in the roundabout area. These sources were: vehicle noise (60%), general market noise (30%), and pedestrian noise (10%) The focus is on the first source (vehicle noise): Vehicles are sources of noise and they are sources of social noise that cause auditory effects on the general health of humans. The exposure time ranges between (12-20) hours at a time. Today, the sound pressure levels for this source range between (70 - 92) dB.