Plastic Bottles Recycling Machine

od Almighty created us for a noble purpose, which is to rebuild this uni verse, and God has blessed us with many blessings such as water and air, and we have to do our best to preserve these blessings, So we thought of a project that would serve us and our environment, our project is a plastic bot tle recycling machine, and it aims to encourage people to throw it inside its own place and replace it with a purchasing value from the places we support, Instead of throwing it on the ground or mixing it with the rest of the waste, which makes it easier for us to recycle and produce new plastic bottles. The principle of this device is that the user inserts the plastic bottle into the slot designated for it and then scans the barcode. Each plastic bottle contains a special barcode that distinguishes it from other bottles. After that, by having the Ultrasonic and Force Sensitive Resistor in compliance with the instructions and the bottle has not been pulled out.a page for that bottle will appear on the touch screen showing the name of the bottle, the number of bottles and the price, and when you put another bottle the name. The number and price changes.Then he presses the Finish button for the user to take a picture of the QR code to buy it with its value from anywhere we support. Another feature of the project is to keep the number of plastic bot tles that the user has inserted even after the device is turned off by adding EEprom,and the encryption feature so that no one can tamper with the QR code.