Monitoring and Controlling System in a Chicken Farm

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Eman Madi
Maysoon Mohanna
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  In our project we aim to control such place and monitor it by making direct communication between the Mobile and Microcontroller (PIC 16F877)  , in our case a chicken farm in order to help the owners to control the farm temperature degree with respect to weather conditions, and it can be use in security purposes such as monitor any unfamiliar movement in the farm by using modern technologies especially SMS technology.        In order to detect the farm temperature we will use a temperature sensor, and for motion monitoring we will use an infra red sensor.After we will take the signal to the PIC it will send an SMS to the owners mobile who will send another SMS to determine the action that he want such as turn on a conditioner or a fan if it is hot or turn on a heater if it is cold .Or turn on an alarm  if anyone cut the infrared sensor. Fig.( Project general view)