Flamingo App

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Hattab, Nizar
Sayeh, Ameed
Abu Zaitoun, Anas
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Making our lives easier is one of the main objectives of humanity, always aiming to make new things to achieve that, and surely, the information age has its fair share doing that, however, the devices we created to help us be connected are the first thing that comes to mind when we think about anti-socialism, however, we are not to be blamed because mobile apps require your attention and usually wait for user’s interaction to deliver, and this is where Flamingo App shines. Flamingo App was made to automate mobile interactions, helping you focus on what matters. By allowing users to create scheduled events that can be triggered by various number of triggers that the user can pick from, Flamingo user can rest assured that they will be notified and informed of weather status and changes, currency daily changes, or when their parents need them, allowing users to create groups, invite their friends and relatives, and create group-wide triggered events that would notify all group members when the triggered is accomplished, and to take it one step further, users can add their own triggered events for personal use. Flamingo also allows users in one group to chat together either using the good old text chat, or join a voice room where they can discuss things faster and more efficiently. To create such an app, native languages were used for both Android and iOS to ensure the highest level of control over native libraries and resources, accompanied by the fast possible experience. Server was handled using Node js, and Google’s firebase was used as the applications database.