Smart Home (Home Automation System & Control)

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Nassar, Shahd
Shaar, Manar
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Home is where we should feel secure and comfortable. Nowadays, with technology becoming a part of almost everything in our life, we can achieve a higher level of com- fort and make our life easier and more efficient by automating activities performed frequently in our homes, applying the IoT concept and providing homeowners remote management and control over their houses. The goal of the Smart Home is to smooth the process of managing the house, monitoring its devices, and applying the principle of protection and security using smart technologies. This project is a sample model of modern houses, which will be controlled by an application downloaded on your smartphone to provide smart control, energy saving and security for your house. We will provide remote controlling of lights, a door lock control using keypad, voice or face recognition, fire alarm system, heat monitoring and a smart water level tank detection.